Pest Control Companies in Kenya

Best Fumigation and Pest Control Companies in Kenya

Here is a list of the best fumigation and pest control companies in Kenya:

Candy and Candy Pest Control Services.

Looking for pest control company in Kenya? Candy and Candy pest control has you covered with safe and budget-friendly fumigation solutions. From residential to industrial spaces, our comprehensive fumigation services ensure a pest-free environment you can trust.

Agile Pest Control Company

“Agile Pest Control Services Kenya offers guaranteed pest control services in Nairobi Kenya and throughout the whole country. We all know how fast pests can spread in our homes or businesses. Today you see one cockroach, a bed bug or a rat dashing across the room, few days down the line it becomes a full blown infestation. Taking care of this issue is what we specialize in. We use pest science and deep knowledge of products in the market to fight pests so you stay in peace. Our methods are safe for humans, pets and environment.”

GM Fumigation Company

“GM fumigation and Pest Control Services is a registered pest control company in Kenya. We are tailored to provide thorough, timely and professional fumigation and pest control services in Nairobi, Kiambu and Machakos Kenya. We have a customized program that focuses on our client’s needs and we are committed to customer satisfaction and offer a 100% guarantee on our work.

Pest Control Companies in Kenya

Therefore at GM fumigation and pest control services, we work hard to provide clients with the high quality service. We maintain these standards through our self-motivated team of staffs. As a result, they work smart, using innovative technologies, to enhance great result and strengthening our relationship with our customers. We bring to the job multi-disciplinary teams with capacity and outstanding track in undertaking and managing different projects.”

Jopestkil Pest Control Company Kenya.

“Founded in the year 1999, Jopestkil Fumigation and Pest Control Company in Kenya is a highly reliable home service provider in the entire East Africa Region. As a trustworthy home and local service provider in Kenya, we guarantee fair pricing, quality work and on time solutions for our customers.
Our aim is to help people find affordable, free pest infestation homes and commercial premises such as fumigation services, cleaning services, pest control services and get the desired type of service at the doorstep. We are proud to achieve a great reputation for providing the highest standard of services in various cities like Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi and their surrounding areas. As a reliable home and business pest control service expert, we always give priority to customer’s safety and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.”

Rentokil Pest Control – Nairobi.

“Rentokil has been protecting businesses and homes in Kenya from pests for over 60 years. Trust us, the market leaders with a combined global experience of 90 years to give you expert advice and quality pest control solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our strong nationwide approach ensures we have a local presence with branches across the country to support our residential and commercial customers with their pest control needs including specialist services like disinfection and fumigation. Our aim is to have our trained and qualified technicians deal with each client with utmost professionalism.”

Nairobi City Pest Technologies.

“We have offered pest control and fumigation services in Kenya for a couple of years now. We have an experienced team, and technology to offer professional, effective and reliable pest control and fumigation services. We pride ourselves on expertise and in-depth knowledge in pests and pest control which give us an edge in delivering effective and reliable services. We focus to serve commercial and residential sites and keep them free from pests.”

Ecofumitech Kenya.

“Ecofumitech was born out of the need to provide an environmentally, safe and effective pest control service in Republic of Kenya. Our vision sought to provide an alternative to the present dictators of the fumigation and pest control market, thus bringing cost effective pest control services to the Kenyan while ensuring and maintaining Ecofumitech high standards to all our customers. Ecofumitech is a member of the Pest control Product Board (PCPB), prides itself in ensuring that safety, quality and cost effectiveness are not compromised while serving their customers. Ecofumitech is constantly researching new technologies to offer valuable information on our website and making these available to the customers. That is why we are considered as pioneers in revolutionary pest control industry. No job is considered too big or too small and the price is always within your budget.”

Solcity Fumigation & Pest Control Company in Kenya

“Solcity is Nairobi Kenyas best pest control services company. Our organization is defined by genuine, kind, capable, and hardworking team members.  Combine our great team with top notch training and the most effective products and you have the recipe for our success.

We offer a wide range of pest control services, covering all sorts of insects and rodents, including bed bugs, termites, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bees, mice, rats, fleas, spiders, moths and more. Our exterminators have experience with all sorts of pests.”

Pest Flash

“Pest Flash is a full- service fumigation and pest control company in Kenya, offering the latest in pest control technology and techniques to ensure the highest quality of service. Our team of experienced professionals are available 24/7 to help rid your home or business of pesky pests and other nuisances. We offer a range of services, from single visits to full-service contracts, so you can be sure your property is always pest-free and safe. As a leading pest control company in Kenya, we offer safe, emergency, and discreet pest treatments for all types of pests and properties.”

Brital Pest Control

“Brital Pest Control is one of the leading pest control companies in Nairobi Kenya. Our business is to ensure pest free environment to our client. e.g control of cockroaches, bees, flee, bats, mosquitoes, bats, rats/mice, termites, beetles, moths, dove mates, wood warms, wood barrows, bedbugs,cereals etc. Whether you’re a small business or a large manufacturer, leave it to us to provide your business with tailored pest control solutions. Trust Brital Pest Control, Kenyan experts in pest control & fumigation to provide global expertise at a local level”

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