Home and Office Tidying tips

Home and Office Tidying tips

When a Work place setting or a Residential environment is tidy, it is easier to keep it clean and maintain the standards. Both The environment you work in affects your attitude and productivity at work. What’s more, the appearance of your office also impacts upon your customer and client’s perception of your business. That’s because a cluttered, messy office can imply disorder as well as giving the impression that you don’t really care. Clearly that is a risky message to convey.

So, whilst you do have other pressing priorities, there are business benefits in keeping your premises clean and tidy, such as increased productivity, improved appearance and higher motivation.

Allocate tasks – If you expect staff to take responsibility for maintaining office cleanliness, you must delegate tasks. By clearly specifying who should do what you’ll ensure accountability and avoid the dreaded response “it’s not my job!” In turn you have to be fair and realistic and also wary of cost. For example, it might be more cost effective to invest in a Professional Cleaning Company as opposed to asking one of your team to clean the communal kitchen.

Tidy your desk before you leave for the day – Get into the habit of tidying and ordering your desk before you go home. In addition to giving your morning productivity a boost, it can help ensure important documents and notes haven’t been buried under that pile of paperwork. In addition, invest in organizational tools like in-trays and pencil pots, and have a robust paper shredder readily available so sensitive documents no longer required can be disposed of instead of piling and collecting dust.

Use matting – Entrance mats or runners along well-used corridors are brilliant for trapping dust and dirt and stopping it spreading throughout your office. They are especially valuable in the rain and can also help minimize the risk of expensive slips and falls.

Stay on top of it – If you’re not a big fan of dusters and antibacterial spray, the tidiness of your office can easily run away from you. The trouble is once this happens, it takes a lot longer to repair the damage.

Provide cleaning equipment in communal areas – Make it really easy for staff to take responsibility for cleaning. Ensure washing up liquid and dishcloths are available in any communal kitchen areas along with kitchen spray and tea towels. Also ensure toilets are equipped with toilet brushes and plenty of hand soap. Then there’s no excuse…

Provide litter bins – Don’t let rubbish accumulate. Instead place bins near each desk to make it easy for people to throw items away.

To conclude, if you find the amount of time and effort needed to maintain a clean office detracts from the core business activities only you can do, it could pay to outsource to a commercial cleaner. But how do you keep your office clean and tidy? Why not tell us in the comments below.

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