Hardwater Stains on Faucets and Taps

Effects of Residual Hardwater Stains on Faucets and Taps.

Hard water stains are common on bathroom taps and faucets. If you do not clean your faucets regularly, it will be very difficult to remove the stains. Candy & Candy is sharing some effects of buildup stains on faucets and taps.

What is the cause of Hard water staining?

The primary cause of hard water staining is borewell water for both residential and commercial usage. The borewell water contains slightly more magnesium and calcium. The minerals in the water, in particular, generate tenacious limescale deposits on showerheads, taps, tiles and even bathroom mirrors.

Since hard water contains a large number of mineral deposits, when the water evaporates, the deposits remain, resulting in ugly patches. The limescale deposits not only make the taps and showers look unpleasant, but also interfere with their operation, thus malfunction.

Verily, it may also give you the feeling that your hands are not as clean as you want after touching the tap whilst washing. The stain marks on the taps and faucets are difficult to remove with regular soap or cleanser. It’s a good idea to regularly clean the hard water stains on faucets and fixtures to keep them looking attractive and working properly.

Hard water also contributes to inefficient operation of your major water-using appliances, including the water heater, dishwasher and refrigerator. The pipes and valves within these appliances can also become clogged with scale, reducing water flow or causing leaks, resulting in potentially expensive part replacements.

But hard water also has a big impact on your major water-using appliances. If you have hard water, you can expect to lose 30% to 50% of an appliance’s projected lifespan. The spills and dampness during bathroom or kitchen sink usage fosters collection of salty residuals that develop into stains that later causes malfunctioning, that eventually calls for replacement.

Proper cleaning must be employed on suitable intervals depending on levels of saltiness of the hard water. Following the technological advancements in production of water appliances, modern faucets are replacing traditional taps. Some of these faucets are coated with aesthetic linings that allow for stain to develop on them prompting need to restore them APPROPRIATELY and TIMELY.

Hiring a cleaning professional to square out your faucets and taps from hard water stains menace is a winner when it comes to time saving (whilst you concentrate on your core activities), rewarding; as you get to save money achievable by restoring vis-à-vis purchasing a new one.

Candy & Candy Clean Services Limited offers an array of professional cleaning solutions with custom-made delivery on specific unit cleaning such as Kitchen, Bathroom, swimming pools and many more water-based installations.


Keep in mind to not let any excess water-marks accumulate; for the usage of the water  fittings is a recurring action. The quicker you clean up any drips or pools of water, the less likely you are to have stains building up! Candy & Candy Clean Services team is on speed-dial to offer more expertise to save you time and restore your fittings Call now..  for an expert site assessment and quote.

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