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Carpet cleaning in Nairobi, Kenya is an important task for anyone looking to maintain a clean and healthy home or office environment. Candy & Candy Cleaning Services is one of the top companies in Nairobi offering high-quality carpet cleaning services to help keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh.

At Candy & Candy Cleaning Services, we use the latest equipment and techniques to effectively clean all types of carpets, from wool to synthetic blends. Our team of experienced cleaners will carefully assess your carpet’s condition and recommend the best approach to deep clean and remove all dirt, dust, and stains.

Our carpet cleaning services are designed to be eco-friendly, using only safe and non-toxic cleaning solutions that won’t harm your family’s health or the environment. We also offer flexible scheduling options to ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Don’t let dirty carpets ruin the overall look and feel of your home or office. Contact Candy & Candy Cleaning Services today to schedule your professional carpet cleaning in Nairobi.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. We inspect the carpets to determine the type of cleaning required.
  2. We then vacuum the carpets to remove loose dirt and debris on the surface.
  3. We pre-treat any stains or spots using our proven carpet stain removal techniques.
  4. We then use a hot water extraction method, which is a deep cleaning technique, to remove any dirt, stains, and bacteria from the carpet fibers. This method ensures that the carpets are left clean, refreshed, and free of any germs. Then carpet is then left to dry before use.

health risks of dirty carpets

Dirty carpets can pose a number of health risks, which is why regular carpet cleaning is important. When carpets are not cleaned regularly, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria, allergens and other harmful microorganisms that can cause a variety of health problems.

  1. Dirty carpets can trigger allergies and respiratory problems, especially in individuals who are sensitive to dust, pollen or other allergens. Carpets can also harbor dust mites, which are microscopic creatures that feed on skin flakes. Their droppings can cause allergic reactions in some people.
  2. Dirty carpets can be a source of bad odors that can negatively impact indoor air quality. This can increase the risk of headaches, dizziness, and other symptoms associated with poor air quality. In extreme cases, dirty carpets can even lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause serious health problems.

To avoid such issues, it’s vital to ensure your carpets are cleaned regularly by a reputable carpet cleaning company in Nairobi, Kenya. Candy & Candy Cleaning Services is one such company that offers top-quality carpet cleaning services using eco-friendly products that are safe for your health.

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Frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning in Nairobi

  1. How often should I clean my carpet? It is recommended to clean your carpet professionally at least once a year, or more often if you have pets or children. Regular vacuuming is also important to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet.

  2. How can I remove stains from my carpet? Different stains require different methods of removal. For example, a wine stain can be removed by blotting with a mixture of vinegar and water, while a coffee stain can be removed with a mixture of water and dish soap. It is important to act quickly and not let the stain set in.

  3. What are the benefits of professional carpet cleaning? Professional carpet cleaning can remove dirt, allergens, and bacteria that regular vacuuming cannot. It can also extend the lifespan of your carpet and improve indoor air quality.

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