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Is a Premier first-class cleaning services solutions Company in Kenya, ranked the best cleaning company in Nairobi, Kenya. Our Headquarters are in the Capital of Kenya, Nairobi. Our team of professionals are fully trained, equipped and insured professionals, with our core operations in Kenya and East Africa.

We provide best commercial cleaning services in Nairobi, Kenya with a professional touch liked by institutions cutting across manufacturing to SMEs’. Our timely and candid delivery of services is a bespoke in the cleaning industry making us the best Office cleaning company in Kenya.

Our delight is in engaging with you by offering you excellent and professional cleaning services both for residential and commercial premises. Our regular training programs and refresher courses on residential cleaning has seen as continue being the best domestic cleaning services company in Nairobi, Kenya.

We are here to ensure your premises are clean to the detail, well restored and maintained in keeping up to international hygiene standards.

Being the best professional cleaning service company in Nairobi, our cleaning services are customized and have been well embraced by all kinds of institutions such as corporations/companies, shopping malls, banks, international schools, colleges, universities, NGO’s, movie theatres and churches, among many others. Candy and Candy Clean Services deploys essential cleaning solutions to your outfit factoring in user requirements and needed deliverables in a professional and timely manner.

Our myriad of dedicated professionals is with you in every way ensuring your premises are crisp clean and sparkling for your comfort and pleasure.

At candy we;

Respect human dignity and not discriminate on race, gender or religion, accountability in resource utilization, consistency with excellence. Professionalism with creative and innovative team.


Excellence, Honesty, Integrity, Reliability and Quality Service


To be the Premier Cleaning and Support Service Provider of Choice in Kenya, East and Central Africa.


To provide integrated world class cleaning services and support solutions through efficient use of resources & technology, using sustainable products that are safe for you and environmentally friendly


We are committed in giving you quality service delivery and customer service both in residential and commercial cleaning using the latest in technology and environmentally friendly products.

All the right reasons to choose us

  • At candy and candy clean services ltd. Customers comes first. We give you a value for money and superior cleaning services competitively priced.
  • First rate services reliability through our managed absence cover.
  • Fully flexible service tailored to your precise needs.